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Launching of Tool Tracker App
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Tool Tracker App Blog

Launching of Tool Tracker App

The Hottest New Trend in the Construction Industry

Hottest New Trend In Construction Industry

"The Hottest New Trend in the Construction Industry"
The Construction Industry has been needing a better more efficient way to track their tools and equipment for some time now.  Sure there are tool tracking systems out there that can help them manage there tool inventory, but they are rather expensive and not very convenient, as they are limited to who can track by the amount of scan guns that the company is willing to invest in.  

If you are a construction company and you haven't heard of the hottest trend available now for tracking tools and equipment, take a look at what

Wells Innovations Launch of Tool Tracker App

We have been working in collaboration with F9 Systems to bring a smartphone application and computer software program to construction companies and general contractors. The app will allow foreman to scan a barcode using their smartphone for ease of tracking tools from jobsite to jobsite. We will be announcing the launch of our new smartphone app very soon!!
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